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well it's you know the original lyrics you know this year a ninety six it first came about this song and they sing about thirty years of her now it's fifty years if you have to change the number of years after every patron from age children so let's hear how it sounds these days. her attitude has to be there was it is probably the best of a football song i have to say that it is a song that's been written by but at the own skin a. song by those two and the lightning seeds now see that was that was for the european championships in one thousand nine hundred six of the football football was coming back home to england for that tournament and he was necessarily the trophy that was coming home but since that song was written in
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england fans one thing and it kind of means that the trophy is coming home to england it's a great song and it's it's got different versions let's just listen to how some russians are into everything this great song. sixty six six six six six six six. of the god. of the. i think of the. i. was it was a. good thing.
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i love it i love it. the best you know you've got to keep it fresh. new twist on it the reality is. going to front after they defeated belgium in the semifinal of the company. i. think the tonight is going to be in london. i have to say because i think been passed in england if you. were talking about the world cup you have to say it's coming.
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a trumpy kind of view it is an understatement to say donald trump is an unconventional and an orthodox political figure because critics do have a point when they say trump appears to be harsher. than with real or imagined enemies then there's the middle east and iran. so obsessed with. security back in asms and agencies and the saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore you got caught up in stomping out aviation companies we mentioned bank stopping out. i want to get out because if you don't have the supernatural all
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the institutions i cover the years of you i'll be part of that and it's going to be a separate go it alone island under a large grain cloud swimming in marmite worshiping some old hag of a crown those people in france germany and italy in the us are saying no we don't want to be a part of the. school system. and of course. well again from the outer new central column bright with our other headline news and i to some it's underway right now and it's likely to see tense exchanges with donald trump demanding other member ally spend more on the military alliance he's already hit out to germany which was quick to react to trump's claim that berlin's become a financial hostage of russia over gas and oil supplies. germany is
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a captive over because they supply to get rid of the call to get rid of the nuclear they're getting so much of the world and there for russia i think is something they are still ok i think it's very appropriate they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia exclaimed kerry. gave us you. know it's i'm very glad that we're united in freedom as a federal republic of germany were able to set independent policy and make her own decisions and that's very good it's a tense meeting people are expecting already got off to an explosive start with those comments from donald trump he was initially talking about a project the nordstrom to project which will allow gas to move directly from russian gas fields to germany via the baltic sea that's been a bone of contention for a long time for donald trump trump is also criticized germany for spending billions
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on the project at a time when he says the country falls short of its contributions to the nato alliance and he also makes that criticism of other countries in the nato alliance saying that many members adjust not making the right contributions in the united states or. other. so we're going to have a meeting secretary general working very hard on that are. probably going to be well we also heard the. i need to secretary general on tuesday talking about the fact that countries shouldn't increase their military spending just to appease the united states they should do it because it's in their mutual interest or had some fresh comments from the nato secretary general today on wednesday in regards to the situation in crimea which he says isn't a reason to isolate russia. is illegal and exceptional from
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a yacht but to me it does large amount. in favor or are you sleeping russia will stop talking to russia actually i think your opposite i think when tensions are high it's even more important to talk to russia to try to reduce tensions there's also being a warning made to u.s. president donald trump ahead of this nato summit this came from the president of the european council donald tusk who warned trump about a billion eating his allies the president on. america does not target. than europe and america appreciate your allies after all you don't have that money well this is because donald trump and washington have threatened to withdraw from the nato alliance unless all members make those two percent contributions of g.d.p. now this meeting kicked off with that tirade from donald trump it was expected all along to be a tense meeting but this is shaping up many think to be the most divisive meeting
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in native's entire history. donna dubinsky that what britain says it's further demonstrating its commitment to nato by boosting its presence in afghanistan prime minister to resign major announced an extra four hundred forty non-combat troops in the biggest military commitment in more than a decade or more this now like the westminster artes and of those that either one of the potential implications of may's move. well you know call and certainly the timing of this announcement is quite curious there we have donald trump saying he's making it clear he wants nato allies to really step it up and here we have the u.k. pretty much almost immediately appeasing him by not just saying here we are one of the few countries could be contributing two percent of our g.d.p. to nato but also we're going to provide some troops. we lead by example not only by me should a church markets of spending two percent of our g.d.p. on defense but also twenty percent for defense budgets on equipment and in the way
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in which we destroy some of these of the forces personnel on the operations around the world if they're not see today that we will be deploying additional four hundred forty personnel to they chose rest of its mission in afghanistan and i think that shows when measured cools you case one of the first two to step up well the question there is whether it's nato calling or donald trump calling because we have to understand that this is the first time in the years that the u.k. is making such a contribution indeed the numbers being talked about is four hundred forty non-combat troops which will bring the total number of u.k. troops in afghanistan to eleven hundred and it's also has to be clear that this is the biggest commitment to the u.k. is stepping into in years since previous british prime minister david cameron withdrew u.k. troops from the ground after thirteen years of presence leaving just four hundred fifty troops in a training role and then adding some since that happened so certainly this announcement could indeed be seen as part of
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a package of the welcome mat being rolled out for donald trump especially in light of his upcoming visit to the u.k. this week given the controversy surrounding his visit of course with the protests being planned while he's in the u.k. as well as some protests having been taking place and of course including plans to fly a giant b.b. balloon depicting the u.s. presidents that he is quite certain not to enjoy the. much police are going to have their work cut out in london later this week all right for now in westminster and a situation of thanks very much for that. we're going to show you some live pictures now this is what's happening in brussels and e.u. leaders and nato nato leaders are meeting for the summit and gathering there it already got off to a pretty tense start of breakfast with donald trump having a go at germany over gas and oil supplies from russia so it's not restarted very well certainly suggest the trumps already in a combative mood that he wants the other nato members to up their spending
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currently currently only a handful of them do make that two percent of g.d.p. commitment britain is one of them and as we've just heard is now also sending more troops to afghanistan non-combat troops to afghanistan saying that further demonstrates its commitment whether the other nato leaders will yield and boost their spending we don't know and if they don't exactly what that means remains to be seen too soon as anything emerges from that summit in brussels and i guess we'll have to read into what they say they're bound to make conciliate communities to each other so we'll have a press conference afterwards so we'll have to read carefully what they say and when they emerge we'll you know what happens. next the highly anticipated meeting between donald trump and president putin next monday in helsinki sinks of put the media rumor mill into overdrive some are even speculating that the u.s. president's been a stalwart spy for decades or i guess day of takes a closer look. it was all so free in nj so crazy stuff of conspiracy theorists and pinfall habits but they've done it they've really done it
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they went right in at the deep end. as trump arranges to meet face to face and privately with vladimir putin later this month it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting between a russian intelligence assets and his handler it's a whole study with charts and spread sheets and insane conspiracy theories and new york magazine isn't alone more and more media outlets are coming out into the open and saying trump is a russian agent despite the fact that he's starved almost his entire administration with anti russian hawks but the dissent to this new low was gradual take the washington post forty six years ago it brought down a president in the watergate scandal using only quality journalism in two thousand
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and sixteen it promoted media witchhunt. proper now it's monitoring report identifies more than two hundred websites as routine peddlers of russian propaganda during the election season we've combined audiences of at least fifteen million americans at some point bashing russia trumped the truth turns out citing shadowy organizations that have come out of nowhere in an article or fake news wasn't the best idea media and readers alike ripped into the washington post for that one but it was a turning point take m.s.n. b.c. host rachel maddow leftist i've gotten she's developed something of an obsession over russia in recent years seeing her. everywhere everywhere in russia russia russia russia of whether or not russia had help whether they had confederates inside the truck campaign when one very big thing that was definitely off about
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that meeting if you take that train across that bridge from north korea where you end up in is russia but every day and every day i'd leave my show and i think i'm going to be talking about something else but every day over the course of the news cycle a new piece of it falls in place rachel maddow peddles to a specific audience an audience that wants the hear what it believes in a lot what to believe and you can see that of a new audience the people who need to listen to what they want to hear lists news more show. his shoe is a piece of sleight of hand presented as a cable news show it is t.v. entertainment it is financed it permits liberals to enjoy themselves during was maybe the most starlee and enjoyable town the political line or take the new york times which last year claimed that trump associates were in close contact with
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russian agents jury in the election only to be debunked by none other than former f.b.i. ahead james komi the challenge that i'm not picking on reporters about writing stories about classified information is the people talking about it often don't really know what's going on and those of us who actually know what's going on and are talking about it quality journalism doesn't sell any more neither does neutrality or even common sense the numbers prove it last september the washington post crossed the one million subscribers mark the new york times made more than a billion dollars in total subscription revenue and rachel maddow became the most watched who in march society is fracturing and there is little common ground to be found it's a national departure from reality that is being helped along by truth journalism and towel with the truth president. now you're up to date take r.t.
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with you by getting hold of the news app on your mobile device we'll keep watching what's happening at that nato summit you can see the screen there we've seen a couple of world leaders take a seat at the summit table will let you know what happens there for now though for me colleen break we'll be back with more headline news and world cup football in half an hour. camera. roughly once they showed some new play you for the. uncool videos doing the woke up. with the broccoli strung out. down more on string i don't really don't t.v.
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it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active rich in the nineteen seventies criminal had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company developed from the demise a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. she said is just. minutes a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm mark shields and thank you for joining us today coming up u.s. president donald trump has made a nomination to the u.s. supreme court what does it mean for business finance and other issues will ask why and why no media and as the. u.s. tries to stop iran from exploiting oil iran says it will speed ahead we'll be joined by chris martenson the founder of peak prosperity dot com to discuss the circumstances and the potential for dire consequences and the car coach lauren fix is back we'll get into auto industry news including what took place this morning in shanghai has teso c.e.o. ilan must made a major announce to all that directly ahead but first he gets to have just president donald trump departed washington this morning arrived in brussels just a short time ago for a weeklong european tour that will start with a nato summit mr trump has set the table for his visit with nato leaders by
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complaining via his favorite method of communications twitter that quote the u.s. is spending many more many times more than any other country in order to protect them not fair to the u.s. taxpayers mr trump's twitter complaints echo complaints he made in letters recently sent to fellow nader leap nato leaders u.s. partners in europe have reportedly taken offense the tone of the letters mr trump spoke to the media before departing for europe. well it is interesting time in the u.k. certainly. fairly but i think it was something out very far. and they say far too little but we'll work it out. we'll be happy. will see on the happiness part the president's travel include two days in brussels then to london for a meeting with embattled british prime minister theresa may mr trump triple and with a meeting with russian president vladimir putin in helsinki finland on monday and
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will have more on this in the coming days. the washington post has reported that private equity firm warburg pincus has entered the business of mailing checks to desperately poor people then hitting them with interest rates equal to or higher than those of payday lenders the story raised some eyebrows here in washington because former obama treasury secretary timothy geitner who i know from experience was not the foremost champion of holding wall street accountable for the two thousand and eight debacle is now president and managing director at warburg pincus the company owns and manages mariner finance which mails checks with fine print hiding interest rates as high as get this three hundred five percent that's reportedly legal in at least one u.s. state of mississippi by the way the predatory so-called consumer installment loan sector is growing in part due to attempts to evade new restrictions on payday lenders according to the national consumer law center or n c l c two thousand and
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fifteen report the n c l c said five states have no limits on rates for these lows loans while another six states merely say that rates cannot be quote unquote unconscionable folks three hundred five percent is unconscionable and a disgrace and warburg pincus spokesperson defended the profit profitable practice saying it quote fills a social need lets hope a former u.s. treasury secretary fixes this and fast come on tell. us president donald trump has nominated federal court judge brett kavanaugh to replace anthony kennedy on the supreme court kavanagh's fifty three years old was selected from a list of candidates approved by the right wing federalist society if nominated dead. crests are concerned that mr cavanagh could cement a hard right block of five justices that would almost certainly an active broad shift to the right across many if not all sectors of life and law in the united states jeff bennett of n.b.c.
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news tweeted this morning that the outgoing justice kennedy had been in months of negotiations with the trump white house over who would replace him if he retired bennett reported that kennedy quote felt comfortable retiring once assured that mr cavanaugh would be nominated the report seems to corroborate a similar but heads report in politico and may create grounds to challenge both the kavanaugh nomination and supreme court decisions made with kennedy's vote one negotiations with the trump white house were underway a white house spokesperson did not deny the n.b.c. report when asked directly about it earlier today and judge kavanagh will need to be approved by the u.s. senate and late today a group of senate democrats standing in front of the supreme court gathered to denounce the selection saying that if successful the new justice could lead to an alteration of the infamous roe versus wade decision on reproductive rights and issues related to health care among others and here to discuss the nomination and more and what it might mean for business and finances why no of why no media who is
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also for those of you who don't know an attorney lionel thank you so much for being with us i heard the judge said that he thought it was important for justices to be independent interpret law and not make the law and they should do so on form informed by history and tradition they all seem to say that but what else do we know about judge brett kavanaugh. well a couple of things he was on the d.c. circuit and that is considered the the twenty seven yankees of the best of bench possible for future skoda judges they deal almost exclusively with administrative cases and i'm going to tell you them there aren't some of the most boring reading you have ever had the opportunity to even get to you know people have a couple of things a couple of misunderstandings let me clarify something and listen carefully and put this in the record books and freeze this role against wade will never be overruled
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it will never be reversed it will always be the law of the land i promise you i guarantee you the legislature has made a limited someone there may be some curtailing in terms of what is funded at what is not but a woman's fundamental reproductive right to an abortion whatever you want to call it will never ever be interrupted or impinged upon you have my word on this this is a scare tactic and a waste of our time what it may be comforting for some pit folks but i'm sure that the democrats on the senate side will continue to raise these concerns you know. and i preach it that you have read a lot of these decisions from the judge and i'm wondering you know we talk about social issues and that's that you know the thing that we do when these things happen i've been watching him for thirty plus years but from a business or finance perspective were you able to garner anything in the judge's
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past that that tells us where he will be a most types of issues i mean is he pro-business or anti-business or it's hard to tell. very very pro-business let me give an example i think we had we were going to discuss this classic case of the c.f.p. b. this is the consumer financial protection board case which was absolutely riveting in the world of administrative law. why does the two hundred and fifty page on bonk match monster meaning all of the justices all of the judges rather of the d.c. circuit got together and ruled on this and basically what it said was simply this that it said article two the ability of the president to be president and the the maintaining of separation of powers would prevent these c.f.p. be these consumer organizations these outboard groups which by the way is an
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extension of dodd frank one of the creations of elizabeth warren that would seek to curtail that penalize rogue mortgage companies and credit card abuses and the like what he said was simply this rather than saying listen these people get in the way of business they crafted it as such they said this is a violation of the president's plenary power under article two the separation of powers one of the greatest attribute of anybody who wants to create something this is on the court who won something to happen whether it's because of religious reasons political reasons ideological reasons from abortion to gun control of the union the art is to be able to craft it in such a way that it sounds legal jurisprudential juridical just like the biggest con ever was when scalia said i'm a textualist i'm an originalist those are children i don't read into their
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constitution i don't legislate from the bench oh yes they do you know god for years so this is all fall draw and of nonsense but he's pretty do use the word right wing if that applies you know i did read that judge kavanagh ruled that and i think it was back in maybe two thousand and eight or two thousand and nine that presidents cannot be a suit that they're not they can be subject to lawsuits and i wonder if that played into mr trump's decision to pick him. well that might be ok but the problem is clinton against jones would have already overruled that one he also was very very strong when it comes to second amendment rights he is also he had a very interesting look at a person's right an illegal immigrant or undocumented whatever particular phrase you want to use who came in and demanded and received and abortion now this is red meat for the prototypical right wing and he dissented as you can imagine but
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you have to read it the way he says it is very very crafty look let me just leave you what with one thing when a judge puts that robe on historically judges presidents have thought i have got the best guy possible j.f.k. picked whizzer white byron white who turned out to be very very conservative nixon picked harry blackmun who gave us rule against wade the classic the greatest ever was earl warren eisenhower said this was one of the worst decisions ever because of the warren court anthony kennedy sandra day o'connor were adamant in maintaining role and reagan said i don't understand this so the idea that you know what some judge is going to do if and when they are presented with this by the way gun laws like justice thomas says or an orphan issue you're not going to be hearing about second amendment if you you know i could be hearing about roe you're going to be hearing about regulation you're going to be hearing about business you're going to be hearing about that which they're going to say. fortifies covers cost protection
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but doesn't impede free free enterprise that's what you should be watching for a very somber and interesting fact we appreciate you didn't get into this line of why no media counselor thank you for your time thank you sir that. time now for a quick break but stick around because when return we'll be joined by chris martenson. founder of prosperity dot com to discuss the circumstances and potential for dire consequences regarding iran and their continued ability to export oil as the war of words and actions accelerates what lauren fix the car coach is bad it will discuss auto industry news including a long lost trip to china where he made a major announcement this morning and as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell despite talk of rising prices of oil seems to have stalled just below
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seventy five dollars will be right back. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet the sales with simple song alone even some company against elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities many by the telescope. so miss you guys you've got to buy them the going to be cool. this is. the quote them out. for you and i'm going to lift bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's called school for much more than war it's about the hurt and the redistribution. downwards.


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